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The most recent products to our range are the triangle suspension arm and strong metal clip - now on sale in our shop.

More will be added to our range very soon and will include a high quality snare drum and triangle.

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Book Shelf Review

A Practical Guide to Percussion Terminology

Another book which I have enjoyed dipping into in recent months is called ‘A Practical Guide to Percussion Terminology by Russ Girsberger. It is edited by Anthony Cironi.

I particularly enjoyed this book. It is very much a dip-in book and it’s a very good dictionary of percussion terms from foreign language into English and also there is some very sensible advice about the interpretation of different foreign terms related to specific composer’s works.

It is a comparatively slim volume but I would say, almost essential for any budding percussionist.

This is a highly recommended text and it is something that I think every aspiring drummer and percussionist should have on their book shelf.

Published by Meredith Music.
ISBN number : 1-57463-079-8
Publishers price in the UK is £23

Anne Collis

'How to Get Work', by Anne Collis
In a world where the opportunities for professional musicians seem to be shrinking, it is important to know how to maximize your advantages and put yourself in pole position in the race to get the jobs!

1. First Rule, be the best! There is absolutely no point in doing anything to push yourself forward unless you really are good! There are lots of people around who ‘talk the talk’, but that is not enough. Practise, practise, practise, then practise some more!

2. Second Rule. Be the best!

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Etudes and Tutorial Study Material
I have written for you, the student, a series of exciting and stimulating studies for various percussion instruments. Click through to see if there is one (or more!) for you. Cheers! Nigel.

Read information about instrumentation, performance and aptitude levels and to see a sample of each set.

Here are the ones I have done so far:
These offer practical solutions in getting students to problem solve the various technical and musical issues which multi-percussion writing can throw up.