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Specialist Percussion Sticks and Mallets exclusively designed by Nigel Shipway feed

Sticks and mallets designed by Nigel Shipway (and made by Chalkins) exclusively for Drumroll Productions. 

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Baroque Timpani Sticks

Baroque Timpani Sticks with the head covered in chamois leather which can be used in a number of different ways. Sold in pairs.
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Blend Xylophone Mallets

A hard heavy headed Xylophone Mallet on a birch dowel handle with a black yarn covering. Sold in pairs.
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Bongo Mallets

This Bongo Mallet comes with a timpani stick handle with an elongated rubber ferrule on the end. Sold in pairs.
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Glockenspiel Sticks - black head

A pair of Glockenspiel sticks with black plastic heads.
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Glockenspiel Sticks - brown head

A pair of Glockenspiel sticks with rosewood heads.
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Glockenspiel Sticks - white head

A pair of Glockenspiel sticks with white plastic heads.
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Multi-Percussion Mallets

A double ended mallet with a rubber head at one end, covered in green baize and a hard vulcanised rubber xylophone head on the other end. Sold in pairs.
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