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'Music for Bang Baroom and Harp  - 
features Dick Schory’s new Percussion Ensemble'

Music for Bang Baroom and Harp with Dick Schory’s new Percussion Ensemble is one of those albums which every percussion player should own.

The cast of percussion players actually playing on the album is absolutely stella. The album dates from 1958 and players include Bobby Christian, Ed Metzinger, Dale Anderson, Hubert Anderson, Frankie Rullo, Bobby Wessberg, Tom Davis and Jim Ross. Jim Ross being the father of the current occupant of the same job and name with Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

It was recorded in Orchestra Hall, Chicago and it’s a fun album. The choice of numbers includes old chestnuts such as ‘Way down Yonder in New Orleans’, ‘April in Paris’, ‘September in the Rain’ and The Sheik of Arabi’ and it is a side of percussion ensemble playing which personally I have always thought is rather underexposed, because the instruments themselves are fun to play and this is a bunch of percussion players having an absolute ball, enjoying themselves, playing fun music. It doesn’t always have to be deadly serious, let’s say.

Dick Schory himself once said to me that they didn’t take themselves seriously, but they took the music very seriously and the standard of playing is absolutely fantastic and one to be collected and enjoyed by everybody with a taste for percussion instruments.

Published by Classic Compact Disc

Serial No:  LSPCD1866

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